“A Ruby Morning” by John Gleeson

Featuring Ruby Smith

I replied to a casting from the stunning Missrsmith who was keen to expand her network of photographers and was looking to shoot with someone who could possibly get her images to a wider audience. I was successful in my application having had some success with publication previously and we set a date to do a couple of sets with no theme set in concrete, but something that would be hopefully suitable for publication.

On the morning of the shoot I arrived on time at her beautiful London apartment to find it was top floor and had the most amazing morning light streaming through a number of window lights set in the roof covering the bedroom and kitchen. A very capable and professional model we agreed on a set in the kitchen quickly followed by lingerie set in both black and white lingerie, although Missrsmith preference is for white lingerie so we shot a few more of these.

The light was just gorgeous and Missrsmith was incredibly easy to photography posing freely and confidently, she has an amazing figure and has been a personal trainer and weightlifter. All in all the shoot was in the bag in just a couple of hours and required very minimal editing.

Hope you enjoyed our images and very much look forward to seeing you again.


PHOTOGRAPHER: John Gleeson / MJGPhotography

Instagram: @portraitsbymjg

Twitter: @mjgphotographic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JohnGleesonphotography/

MODEL: Ruby Smith

Instagram: @missrsmith

Twitter: @RubsSmith



West Brompton London, United Kingdom

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