What is Subverse?

Subverse was founded on the principle that different is better, while many people get through each day by conforming to norms, we believe that the power of the individual spirit should be celebrated. Here at Subverse we aim to explore and expose the many facets of our ever changing global community. Featuring media with topics ranging from youth culture, fashion, sexuality, urban arts, music, cultural and societal movements, we want to show the world through your lens, in an attempt to give the audience a unique and inspiring perspective. By presenting works we hope to connect, inspire and motivate artists. For much of history, the arts belonged almost exclusively to the upper echelon of society and we feel that artists' exposure should be weighed by talent and not by your rank in society. Subverse is more than just a magazine, we are a movement and a network of creative minds, connected globally. But more to the point, here at Subverse... we are defining different.

Photo By Nik Mok