“Blacklight Bodyscapes” by Matt K

Featuring Mila

I have shot with Mila four times now and it never gets old!   She has to be one of the coolest,sweetest girls I have ever worked with. Mila came to me with the idea of doing a black light shoot and said she knew of a location where there were a lot of fluorescent black lights set up so she was going to see if we could get in and use the space for a couple of hours. I had never done a black light shoot before so I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough light to get any good images so I started doing some research. I found that using a red and blue gel together on a strobe would somewhat emulate the black light look. Mila was able to secure the location in Nashville where we met one sunny afternoon. She had purchased several different colors of black light paint and started applying it all over her body. At first I didn’t think it would work because some of the colors could barely be seen. I set up my strobe and gels and started shooting away. The images weren’t quite what I expected because it created a red tint to her skin but the paint was really popping so we went with it. After several shots I found a spot in the location that was lit a little more with the black light fluorescence so I cranked up the ISO and we started shooting there. The images were more than what I expected and of course Mila knocked every pose out of the park!


Instagram: @coool_it_now

MODEL: Mila B.

Instagram: @mila_banner


Nashville, TN

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