“Collection of Lines” Artwork by Nacho Casanova

Illustrations by Nacho Casanova

Some time ago, I started working on trying to identify and catch my desire. I wanted to do it using only lines. I’m in love with lines. I have deep desire for lines. I think lines are the most sensual tool I can work with. So they are perfect for drawing desire. I knew I needed those lines to be organic. I knew I wanted them to be open and unfinished to let my viewers some space for them to get involved.

Now I would have them in the place I wanted: deep inside some space full of my desire. They would be mine at this point. My viewers, my models and I would be now, all of us, deeply involved in a sexual space full of freedom and honest desire.

Maybe that’s why after drawing some models we both felt we broke some intimate wall. And that’s why some viewers wrote me for telling me they felt an extraordinary sexual moment with my art. And eventually we all felt that social wall going down.

I love when that happens. I turned my own desire into some kind of collective orgy, using only monochrome lines.

I’m proud of my lines.


Nacho Casanova was born in Zaragoza in 1972, but he lives currently in Valencia. He has published nine graphic novels in 6 languages, so far. He is working on two more. He teaches editorial design tools at a Spanish University. He works lettering comics for publishing companies. In his spare time, he tries to catch his desire into simple lines. He loves staying in bed in the morning.

Artist: Nacho Casanova

Instagram: @eroticasanova

Website: www.nachocasanova.com



Valencia, Spain

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