“Evoked Emotions” by Derrick Caldwell

Featuring Heff

“This is my first time working with the wonderful model Heff, hopefully not the last. She is an amazing talent who doesn’t need direction at all. The images that you see are all coming from her and her alone, her own emotion evoked from a place only she knows. I usually like to give my models direction but in this particular set I didn’t say anything our entire session. The only idea I came up with was the chair and the black silk. The rest is her.



As you can see this set was shot in studio with the FEELING of it being in a boudoir setting or on location. I thought this was a nice little twist. Also, is it just me or do 95% of images shot look better in black and white? Shooting in monochrome was another element added to make this set pop. Another fact about my work is that I like to keep things implied. Its so easy to photograph a nude model, but doing it creatively is a challenge in my opinion. I like to try and take a good picture to the great or WOW! level. How I do that is by the lighting and lighting set I use, shooting from unordinary angles, and playing with black and white.”








Los Angeles CA, USA







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