March 26, 2016

Artwork by Daniel Peci

instagram:  @figurepainter Daniel Peci: Gallery Representation: “Paragone Gallery”, Beverly Hills, CA Ellis-Nicholson Gallery, Charleston, SC Daniel Peci’s Paintings are hanging in private and corporate collections in United States and Europe. Publications: “Art in King Size Beds” by Michael K. Corbin “The Art of Everyday Joe” by Michael K. Corbin “Colour, Obsession, Joy and Torment: The See more…

March 26, 2016

“Light Leak Love” NSFW

PHOTOS BY BURNPIXELS ​​FEATURING SCARLETT  @BURNPIXELS More Subversivness Artwork by Daniel Peci “Bite Me” by J. Tuliniemi “Cali Diamond” featuring Makaela Susno… “Portraits of a Problem Child” by Bruc… “London Calling” by Stefano Bosso “Night Show” by Jason Osei

March 26, 2016

“Changing Room” by Roberto Ronconi

photos by roberto ronconi featuring CHIARA MELONI PHOTOGRAPHER: FACEBOOK.COM/RONCONI.ROBERTO FACEBOOK.COM/ROBERTO.RONCONI.52 ROBYR.TUMBLR.COM @ronconiroberto MODEL: CHIARABLUEEYES74.TUMBLR.COM @chiaraocchi More Subversivness “Spontaneous Inspiration” Featuring Je… “Persextives” Poetry by Emma Shaw “Naturally Implied” by Jason Pagaduan Artwork by Daniel Peci “Candles” by Zeno Gill “Hollywood Noir” by West Coast Photogr…

March 26, 2016

“Canada in California” by Teresa Bars

Photos By Adams Aperture Featuring Teresa Bars  More Subversivness “Sunday Boudoir” Featuring Sterling Ra… “Feeling the Heat” by Juan David Carri… “A Ruby Morning” by John Gleeson “Collection of Lines” Artwork by Nacho… “London Calling” by Stefano Bosso “Spontaneous Inspiration” Featuring Je…

March 22, 2016

“Erotissence” by Jon Batario NSFW

PHOTOS BY JON BATARIO FEATURING Alisha Kennelly More Subversivness “Night Show” by Jason Osei “Fifteen Counts Of Arson: Sleepwalking&#8221… “Ink on the Beach” featuring Sara Rath… “The Savage” by Jude Folly “London Calling” by Stefano Bosso “Dani and Dupree” by Kevin Kolber

Photo By: Joe Bowers