Subverse Magazine is nothing without you! We feature artists from all genres so take a look at the guidelines and submit your work to be a part of Subverse. We especially encourage content creators who are developing their talents and growing as artists to submit. As a wise person once said, "if you don't put yourself out there, then whats the fucking point!"



  • welcoming images and short video clips for feature on instagram. 
  • there are a few ways to submit, use the hashtag #subversemag, 
  • tag us in your photos @subverse.magazine 
  • or direct message with image attached

2 Hot for IG

  • welcoming individual images, small sets and short video clips for feature in our uncensored gallery
  • email your content to
  • or direct message via IG with image attached
  • include your Insta handle

Story Feature 

  • submit photo set of previously unpublished images / minimum of five images (the more the better) / via email (address below)
  • links to youtube or vimeo videos
  • email music files in .mp3 format
  • title your work, if you do not include a title and your work is accepted, we will title it for you
  • submit any accompanying text and credits, such as, bio, MUA/Hair Stylist credits (names and any links to websites or social media accounts) location of shoot, etc...
  • if your work(s) is accepted for publication, you will be required to include a 200 to 600 word commentary to accompany your work. this is your chance to speak to our readers about your process, the events leading up to and during the project, what your creative goals are, etc...
  • please include signed model release form and model's proof of age (valid State or Federal ID). must be 18 years or older
  • Please note that by submitting media you agree to allow Subverse Magazine to publish your submissions online throughout the website now and in the future. Credit will be given to all parties involved. Subverse Magazine also reserves the right to post any submitted content on its social media sites, with credit given to all parties involved.



Yes, yes, yes, i know you want to submit for print. Trust me, its in the works but a lot goes into putting together a print edition and we don't half ass shit here. There will be two components to our print versions, the book and the mag. Lots of details to come so stay tuned for information and details.

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Photo By Brandon Raines