“Grapes & Champagne” by Stefano Bosso

Featuring Karmyn Millie

I met Karmyn in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. A few days before the planned day she wrote me she would shoot only if grapes and champagne were provided (!). So i couldn’t help asking myself what kind of shooting did i set, but i almost got the stuff she asked: I’m a good guy sometimes, and i got the straight-edge too (!!), but felt like i wanted to have an easy shooting, not a disappointed model with spoiled attitude, since the thing was planned. Afterwards she came, along with a friend, to the amazing flat with great view on the east river, that i got from David B., and of course i suddenly found out she was very easy going and the champagne thing was just a joke. Me and my bad sense of humor. Shooting was fun, sexy and windy. What we got is here, just check it out!




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Instagram: @its_amillie247



Brooklyn, New York


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