“Green” by Gill Lameda

Featuring Raquel Cerrada

This is my first set for Subverse Magazine, I´m Gill Lameda a photographer from Venezuela, I shoot sexy girls and special moments,  I had always wanted to collaborate with this magazine, I respect and admire the artists that appear here, and finally I decided to participate and dare to send a set of photography

I decided to call the set “Green”, the reason is obvious, is the main color in there, There is no concept in the set but there is a general idea which is intimacy.  My photography is about the experience, the work is not perfect but that is the essence, I try to create a intimate moment with every model. I always seek to create a trust, a connection and intimacy with the model, in order to show her way of being, not a pose, not a mask, but the internal sensuality that she possesses.

Raquel (the model) and I just let the moment flow and became  more than a photographer and a model, we became friends, the Photography is about creating bonds and trust and even more in erotic photography, a type of photography in which the person strips, not only his clothes but moral-isms, shyness and remains uncovered.


Instagram: @gill_lameda

MODEL: Raquel Cerrada

Instagram: @raquel.cerrada

Location: Mérida, Venezuela



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