“Hollywood Noir” by West Coast Photography

Featuring DJ Benzo

This set was about a year in the making…. because of our hectic schedules we kept scheduling & rescheduling till we were finally able to get it done! As you can see we didn’t hold back. The concept of this shoot was to exude sexuality by lethargy & simplicity, no big expressions or uncomfortable unnatural looking poses. There’s no change in facial expression in all the images but a strong sense of confidence, power, control emanating from Benzo.

The set was shot at the historic Hollywood Towers, the backdrop is that old style Hollywood noir look this with the combination of a tall statuesque model from mainland China was the perfect combination of East meets west and the results were as you see … stunning. We shot in the hallway of the fifth floor, full nudes just feet away from being busted by security & lookyloos but we soldiered through & as you can see came out with some awesome images. I present DJ Benzo

PHOTOGRAPHER: West Coast Photography

Instagram: @westcoastphoto1


Instagram: @1deebenzo_


Hollywood, California, USA

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