“Hotel 17” by Stefano Bosso

Featuring Alycia Lykins

Manhattan is the perfect set for photographic shootings, as everybody knows, but my beloved Hotel 17 is something else, Woody Allen placed a movie there and Madonna used to sleep there in the early days. The vintage spirit still lingers across the building, and it’s nice to breath it. I didn’t know Alycia before, but we got along well very quicly. She is beautiful and very patient, with a little eighties hints here and there and a charming style, so the shooting developed from the warm sunset lights getting through the hotel’s windows, on a great old school mood,  to the street of 2nd Avenue an it ended up on a funny situation, half planned half improvised, among the washing machines of a chinese laundry, with customers taking care of their stuff while we were shooting! We’re going to shoot again soon with Alycia, and who knows, maybe hailing from a rooftop or some firemen trucks we could get some great shots



Instagram: @stefano.bosso


MODEL: Alycia Lykins

Instagram: @alyciaalyk



Manhattan NY, USA

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