“Leave Her Wild” featuring Nicole Procyk

Photography by The Beastly Genius

“Love her but leave her wild”-Atticus

I’d like to associate this shoot with one of my favourite quotes by Atticus portraying the loving wild child I am as a woman.The Beastly Genius and I are both Toronto based artists (model and photographer).We are both very artistic and creative individuals and definitely bad ass as hell!  We were both born to create no doubt.We wanted to express these qualities in this shoot. We are definitely not a boring team as we blasted the latest trap, hip hop, soca and dancehall tunes throughout the shoot. I like to make sure my environment is totally positive and fun while i’m shooting which is why you’ll find me dancing, laughing and cracking jokes the whole time! Moreover,the Beastly Genius and I kinda just wing our shoots. We never have a specific plan, we just trust each other and it works! Trust is so important in this industry! Everyone should feel comfortable and at ease in order to make their best work! The Beastly Genius and I just vibe and I pose and express whatever emotions I may be feeling or want to portray. In this particular shoot I was feeling both sexy and sweet with confidence and edge. I brought out both my sensual and sweet side while hitting poses with a sense of attitude and strength. I felt very liberated shooting this series where my inner wild came out to play. It’s honestly such a blessing to create and express your emotions through your work while others can enjoy it later.Anyway, we totally had a blast creating art with raw and sexy vibes. My wild child side definitely came out to play. We hope you have as much fun viewing the shoot as we did creating. Stay tuned & stay wild!

MODEL: Nicole Procyk

Instagram: @nicoleprocyk


PHOTOGRAPHER: The Beastly Genius

Instagram: @thebeastlygenius



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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