“Me, myself and I” by Andy Sturm

Featuring Larissa Z.

The series is all about self-love and enjoying one’s own company. Nowadays we define ourselves too much through others feedback and try to impress everyone on social media. That in the worst case leads to people loosing their identity and oftentimes people fail to enjoy things as they are too busy capturing every moment for their Instagram stories etc.. My series wants to show that the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and live life in the moment for yourself and not for other people.

Photographs of artists like Lindbergh or Newton show women as naturally as possible with the aim of giving strength and self-confidence to women – especially to those who think that they are not perfect. Nowadays no one needs a photographer to tells people they’re perfect when they can get instant recognition on social media platforms. Almost anybody seems to capture each and every moment of their life for their social community which in some cases leads to people repeating their wedding proposals just to be able to film the “surprise”.

The only thing people can’t do anymore seems to be taking things, events and moments, as they are – without capturing them or immediately telling everybody about them. People have forgotten to sit back and enjoy. They absolutely can’t stand being alone – not “seen” – and they certainly don’t know privacy or secrets anymore. “Me, myself and I” therefore speaks out for enjoying oneself in each and every moment.


Instagram: @theandysturm

Facebook: facebook.com/theandysturm

MODEL: Larissa Z.

Instagram: @larryheard


Düsseldorf, Germany

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