“Naturally Implied” by Jason Pagaduan

Featuring Djazel Santos

Hi, my name is Jason Pagaduan and I’m a 22 year-old photographer from Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been doing photography for almost 2 years and this was my first shoot with Djazel. When we decided to do this implied shoot with the water and trees, we didn’t expect how much use the nature around us benefited the shots. My most favorite shots were Djazel covering her chest with the water and hiding herself with the trees, branches and leaves in the water. It was nerve racking for us having to do a lingerie/implied shoot in public. Sometimes you have to take risks in photography in order to create art.



My style of photography is very versatile and I don’t have a number one. I started doing portraits last year and it can get challenging at times. It really takes time and practice for you to develop and find those angles you’re looking for. Anyone can take a camera and snap a shot but you must have a great eye.I personally would recommend a 50mm prime lens because of how sharp the quality is and the blur of the background. Do whatever makes you happy and not fear what others will say about your work. Be proud of what you shoot of and surround yourself with positive people.



Instagram: @905shooter



Instagram: @therealdjazel



Mississauga < Ontario < Canada


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