“Never Without You” by Conrad Lee w/BTS Video

Featuring Weronika Dudek & Karolina Dudek


“Never Without You” is a short editorial inspired by urban fashion; something causal, sexy and fun.

When I first came across our models Weronika and Karolina, I immediately knew they would play the perfect role in this urban story of sisterly interactions. My make-up artist Bryanna-Angel Allen (Kiss and Makeup Studio) and stylist, Rimante Razauskaite both did a fantastic job creating the urban chic look that complemented both sisters’ features.

I love location shoots, it brings a whole new adventure of discovering interesting compositions and interaction with the environment. We started the shoot in an alleyway which was covered with graffiti, cigarette buds and hanging light bulbs. I choose that because the location was interesting, it fit the theme, and importantly the directional natural light coming from the top.



Shooting on-location however can be challenging with inconsistent environment, and soon it started to rain. We had to think quickly on our feet and decided to change to a different location. Our second location, the “Bottle Alley” gave us enough shelter to complete the shoot after a change of outfits and touch up on hair and make-up. This long sea-side walkway gave some really nice leading lines and depth to work with. The artificial wall lights were however a little troublesome to deal with as it was so orange in tone compared to the natural light from the sea. Experimenting was key, and soon I learnt to embrace these lights and incorporated them into my shots. The wind however was blasting, and the temperature drop made it very difficult for the girls. Despite that, their perseverance and determination from the whole team helped me capture those very unique moods in these set of pictures. That emotive bond between Weronika and Karolina lead me to this title “Never Without You”.


Behind the Scenes:




Website: www.bit.do/conradleephotography
Facebook: facebook.com/conradleephotography
Instagram: @conradleephotography


MODELS: Weronika and Karolina Dudek

Intagram: @miss_dudek98
Purpleport: purpleport.com/portfolio/wera


MUA: Bryanna-Angel Allen

Facebook: facebook.com/Kiss-and-Makeup-Studio


Styling / Creative Director: Rimante Razauskaite

Assist / Videography: Castiel Wilkin



Hastings, UK



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