“Passing Out” by Secret’s Secret


Earlier we spent hours on the phone. A special package came in the mail—a vibrator that he can control from his phone —wherever he is. We played with that late morning into the afternoon. I was completely worn out. Then he says, “are you all sensitive (referring to my cunt).” I answer, “yes.” “Good, you have 2 hours to get yourself cleaned up and ready for me.” I was freaking out. I have muscle issues and I was already beyond fatigued. How could I possibly get ready? I begged him not to come. I told him I didn’t even know if I could handle anything else in my holes. He asked if I was arguing with him. “No Sir.” And like a good girl I went and got ready for him.
He came into my house, his presence dominating. Walking right at me, I’m backing up with each step not sure if he is going to grab me —or what his plan is. He knows the routine—he has to wash his hands before playing with me. He headed into the bathroom—at first I wasn’t sure if he was. He demands me to enter the bedroom and take my sundress off. Standing before him in my matching panties and bra he directs me to take them off and I do. He walks over to my toy chest and grabs the bag of rope. “Put your hands up on your head.” I do as I’m told. I get wiggly and want to touch his cock through his shorts. The following is hard to describe. Taking rope he wrapped it around my right tit MANY times until it was purple. Continuing with the rope he crossed over to my left tit and did the same thing. He took the end of the rope and pulled it through the rope between my tits.

Pulling up on the rope he made my tits come closer together and each jerk hurt as my tits jiggled. Then he took it and wrapped it around my neck many times and then down between my tits, down my tummy, through my pussy lips—the rope right on my clit, through my ass cheeks, up my back and then around my neck again.

He held the end of the rope. It was just like you see in real bondage pictures. No matter which way I moved, the rope rubbed on my clit making it almost impossible for me to maneuver. The end of the rope he was holding—-he pulled it so all the rope tightened around my neck. I got a TINY lightheaded, could still talk and breathe. I was granted permission to touch his cock but only through his shorts. He decided to torture my purple sensitive tits. Slapping them repeatedly, pinching and pulling on the nipple—slapping directly on the nipple, twisting my entire tit. While he continued with the tit torture….he lifted up his shirt and pushed my head toward his nipple. I tried to move but the rope would rub on my clit and asshole making things a bit difficult. I told him I was trying but moving was hard and he smacked me across the face and using my tits he pulled me down to his nipples. I sucked on his right nipple, teasing it with my tongue….and I would look up at him smiling, kinda giggling thoroughly enjoying the moment while sucking.

He would look down at me and briefly I would notice him crack a small smile. I alternated my other hand between feeling his cock through his shorts and rubbing his other nipple. All I remember next is standing back fully erect…. him letting his cock free as it thrust through his zipper……looking him in the eyes and him tightening the rope around my neck. I had no idea this was coming. His words (cuz I asked later): He grabbed me as I passed out while simultaneously letting go of the rope. My body slumped to my knees leaning against him as I came to. WOW! I looked up at him amazed—like holy fucking shit—I just passed the fuck out and I came to massively turned on with his fucking cock right in my face! IT WAS HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT—did I mention it was SUPER HOT? He let me come to very briefly before grabbing the back of my head and pushing his cock into my mouth. He fucked my face choking me on his cock. I was directed to open my mouth fully and I tried the best I could.

He continued to thrust deep, so deep I could feel it hitting the back of throat as I gagged and was trying to breathe. “That’s a good girl,” he said.

My hands were pushing against his thighs as I tried to break free from his grip. Spit everywhere as I gagged. He told me to get up and I tried but I was just too weak. So then he grabbed me by hair and tit (yes–not kidding) and jerked me up…..the rope still against my clit and asshole–fully in place. He slapped my tits and I slapped him back across his chest at which point he grabbed my weak arms and hands. “What are you going to do now?” So I spit on him LMAO. He turned me around and bent me forcefully over the end of the bed. He wasn’t going to fuck me with that rope right there is he??????? Sure enough. He just moved it slightly over, spit on my ass and cunt and drove his cock hard and deep into my pussy. It felt amazing. He fucked me hard for a short bit—everything bouncing. Then he moved to my ass. There he showed ZERO mercy. Tore right through my asshole making me yell “OOOWWWW…..too much too much.” “Shut the fuck up,” he would say.

He then grabbed my head and forced it down into the mattress making it difficult to breathe. I would turn my head to the side sometimes only for him to turn it back face down into the mattress again, “Did I tell you that you could breathe?” During the brief moments my head was turned to the side …I begged him to let me play with my vibrator while he was in my ass. He ignored my pleas and continued to use me. He went back into my cunt (I clean myself out before playing so that was ok). It was a huge relief to my ass. Then he told me to get back on my knees. I didn’t move fast enough—by this time my body was DONE, overly done. He jerked me off the bed and onto my knees where he was back to fucking my face. At first he let me suck him but then he held me by the back of my head. He directed me to put my hands behind my back and he fucked my face making me gag massively. SO MUCH spit everywhere.

Bringing my head forward down to the base of his cock he came in my mouth forcing me to swallow it—-I couldn’t move. It was the first time I swallowed cum.

“What about me, I get to cum right?” “You came many times earlier, this was my time. Sometimes I just want to come and take you, take what is mine, and do what I want with you,” he said as he untied me. At first I was pissed. He asked if I was going to pout or give him a hug and I told him I was going to pout. But the more I thought about it—he was right. He had spent the past days on the phone with me….hours on end……making me cum. I did make it very clear though that I would rather cum with him than a toy—which he knows. He did do things I wanted. I had told him I wanted to experience passing out. That I wanted to swallow cum. Also—he knows I love being tied. And I really did find it HOT that he just came in and took what was his (his words). Just total dominance. I gave him a hug and he went to walk out and I asked for another hug and he came back and gave me an even better and bigger hug which I appreciated. Definitely one of my top play sessions.

Passing Out

A True Erotic Confession

by Secret’s Secret

Michigan, USA

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