“Persextives” Poetry by Emma Shaw

Man’s Version of Events…

As I lay here silent in bed

A million thoughts rush through my head

Suddenly a vision from behind the door

She walks into the room, her clothes fall to the floor

I feel a sudden twitch and a rise

I look down and she’s undoing my flies

She starts to caress my throbbing cock

I’m getting excited, I’m as hard as a rock

She winks at me and she licks her lips

My hands reach up and grab her tits

She runs her tongue from my chest to my knob

I’m so aroused I’m beginning to throb

I want her now, deep inside

I pin her hands back like they are tied

I go in deep as far as I can go

She screams “go fast”, but I go slow

Teasing and tantalising I’m hitting the spot

Getting down and dirty, she’s so fucking hot!

The momentum builds, I go faster and faster

I feel like a king, I am her master!

Hormones flying, passion escalating

My cock is stiff and pulsating

I feel the tingle, I hope I’m not first

I can’t control myself, I’m about to burst!

She gets louder and louder and starts to scream

That’s the end for me and I start to cream

As we lay here, my heart beats fast

All I can think about is our past

As I gaze into her eyes I wish she was my wife

I want to be with her for the rest of my life.

Woman’s version…

A hard day at work, I’m completely wired

Where’s my bed, I’m so fucking tired

I walk up the stairs starting to undress

Dropping my clothes and making a mess

Suddenly I see him, sprawled across the bed

His eyes lit up, I guess I’m fucking instead

I undo his flies and rip off his trousers

I really hope this doesn’t last for hours!

His cock is hard, stiff and thick

I hope this means he will be quick!

His hands reach up and grab my tits

I’m not in the mood, I’m still in bits!

Oh well, if I’m doing this, I need to be kinky

I start licking him and feeling his Twinkie

To get this over with, I’m putting the effort in

He seems to be enjoying it, I can see his grin

I make some noise and I start screaming

Hopefully in a few minutes, I will be dreaming!

Yes, that done the trick, I see his cum face

He explodes and comments that that was ace

At last, I’m knackered, I can now go to sleep

I climb off of him and fall in a heap

He is staring at me as my eyes start to close

I don’t care what he’s thinking though, I just want to doze!!

Poems by Emma Shaw

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