“Portraits of a Problem Child” by Bruce Walker

Featuring Dorrie Mack

Having come temporarily out of retirement this year my shooting time is limited. To keep in practice, I scheduled a series of brief shoots with my muse where I would ignore my compulsion to plan and instead show up with minimal gear (just two lights) and a simple idea, like “portraits”. This intentional lack of planning made me very nervous but has netted me some great work.

With this shoot I imagined what might happen if the “problem child” of the family was instructed to attend a formal portrait session. I asked Dorrie to go punk. All shots lit with a single key (diffused 64″ Buff PLM) and a background light. A medium format Pentax 645Z with 90mm f:2.8 macro used throughout.


Instagram: @bruce.walker

Website: brucemwalker.com

MODEL: Dorrie Mack

Instagram: @dorrie.mack

Facebook: facebook.com/dorrie.artmodel


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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