“Red” by Andrew Pezzulo

Featuring Trill Cakes

Of all my time being a photographer, I have to say red has always been one of my favorite
colors. There’s something about it that makes it stand out above all the other colors, besides
being an additive primary color. It also represents a lot of themes and ideas. Red can symbolize
courage, love, happiness celebration, lust or even anger. It’s amazing how this one color can
mean so many contrasting ideas or symbols. I think that’s what makes it interesting on a subtle
On a physical level, red is so vivid and dark. The red really brings things out in this set with the
beautiful Trill Cakes. Her mix of emotion, body language and outfit meshes so well with red. This
was my first time working with her and it was an absolute joy. I think the work we created came
into fruition because of the awesome and positive vibe we both had. Stoked with this set and
can’t wait to share it!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrew Pezzulo

Instagram: @through_the_viewfinder_

Facebook: facebook.com/throughtheVF/

MODEL: Kristina

Instagram: @trill_cakes



San Francisco CA, USA

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