“Red Light District” Featuring Nicole Procyk

Photography by The Beastly Genius

Welcome to the red light district…
This was a project me and the beastly genius have been planning for a while. We got the regular studio stuff out the way and wanted to focus on this set heavy. He said “you need to make this really sexy you know” I looked at him and said “You think I wasn’t giving that and then some” as you can see from these shots…. fire! I don’t remember what song we had going while we did this set, but you can tell it really I was feeling it. The shadows really bring out the mood in these shots and give it a real raw feeling. The energy from these shots was more than enough proof that this type of shots were not for just any type of amateur style of work.  What we were aiming for was to do something out of the ordinary. Something you know you wont see a lot of photographers go out and look to create. We had tried different colours to mesh with, but for some reason red was truly a bold color to stand out with. This wasn’t some high fashion type of work. This was in your face, take a screen shot to make this your wallpaper type of images we wanted to create lol. Only downside I could actual say about this shoot was the studio we were using had NO HEAT!! When we did this shoot in March it was still horribly cold out. The studio we were using was all concrete so there was very little insulation. We didn’t let that stop us, but…. the cold room help motivate me cause I wanted to get the set done quickly. You try being naked and only having a heater in front of you. Oh so very not pleasing at all. Good thing is you could not even tell with it and that’s the good part. We hope you like this set we brought and expect so much more from us in the future

MODEL: Nicole Procyk

Instagram: @nicoleprocyk


PHOTOGRAPHER: The Beastly Genius

Instagram: @thebeastlygenius



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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