“Shadows” by Sherman Orendorf

Photos by Sherman Orendorf

Featuring Patsy Thompson

A vision of linear pattern using light and shadow, “Shadows” is collection of compositions that evokes aspiration and the breaking of barriers. Light and shadow interplay with one another in each piece, drawing you into the contested conversation between freedom and adversity. Playing a key role, light separates space and shapes each piece.  

The harsh desert sun of Las Vegas, Nevada creates an intense light that radiates throughout the series. The photographer depicts a strong woman, Patsy, who strives for achievement and place. Cool shadows create patterns that repeat the lines of the clothing worn by Patsy. The sunlight and shadowy bands wrap her torso as the fabric drapes her figure.  

“Shadows” is a collection that represents a woman’s story and the shadows that go along with that complex journey. Never completely lost in darkness or light, Patsy remains focused as evident by her glance revealing the struggle to find balance. The photographer captures Patsy’s distinctive glance by showcasing both her soft, yet intense outlook which is washed in light and shadow.

Both line and shape forge contrast in each composition. The juxtaposition of brilliant light alongside the unlit space elicits conflicted feelings that arise when boundaries cannot be broken. “Shadows” breaks those boundaries through their portrayal of Patsy and her sheer determination to be the best she can be.

Drawing new boundaries, the camera connects you to idea of duality. Not only does Patsy express openness in each piece, she also conceals the nature of her concerns and desires.

Commentary written by L. Rosa







Samantha Sincaban


William Willet


Indiana, USA


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