“Spanked” by Mr Massive

I met Miss Pink a couple of years ago. I’d been given her number by a friend who said we should go out for a drink as she was recently single, dead cute and could do with someone new and fun to hang out with. I had been single for a little while and thought what the hell it could be fun, although blind dating!! It could be a disaster.

We had been texting each other for a couple of weeks trying to work out when we could meet up and talking about this, that and everything else. She seemed really cool and funny so we finally put a date in the diary and arranged to meet for a drink at a local pub near to where we both live.

So date night came round and I was feeling a little nervous but nether the less I bowled into the busy pub, ordered a drink and sat down at a table by the bar to drink my pint and wait for Miss Pink to arrive.

I’d almost drank the first pint when I thought she’s late, really late, I’m going to get bloody stood up? Then at that moment I got a text saying she was running late, get another drink and she’ll be there soon.


Side note: Miss Pink is always late. If she says she’ll meet you at a certain time then add one hour. If she says she is leaving in five minutes, chances are she’s still drying her hair.


About an hour after we arranged to meet Miss Pink walked into the pub. Something made me look up to the door; I sensed her walking in and there she was, stood in the doorway. I smiled at her, she was stunning, beautiful, blonde flowing curly hair, seriously curly, like no brush is ever getting through that. Miss Pink looked cool and I looked up to the sky and thanked God this blind date was hot, properly hot.

Our eyes were locked on each other’s as from across the room. It seemed like everything stood still as she looked me straight in the eyes and smiled. From that very moment I know that I wanted her; she looked stunning, petite small figure, gorgeous deep blue eyes and a beaming smile, so warm.


Miss Pink walked straight over and sat down next to me and said hello and apologised for being late, I didn’t care, It felt like I had waited my lifetime for this moment, she could be as late whenever and however much she liked.


I have eaten my words on that fact though since!


As soon as we got talking the sparks flew and I knew there and then this was the woman for me. I’ve never met a soul that I immediately connected with in this way. It felt like we had known each other before. She made me feel something I hadn’t felt with anyone.

Her eyes drew me into her soul as we chatted and I just wanted more, to know everything about her. We didn’t have to try hard; the conversations just flowed and the night just breezed by, nothing else in the room seemed to exist but us.

The more we drank and talked the closer our bodies seemed to get to each other. Flirtatious and gentle touching just seemed so natural. Brushing her hand with mine, as we laughed Miss Pink placed her hand on my thigh. Her touch felt so sincere, so natural.

The night disappeared; it felt like we had been there five minutes when Miss Pink told me she had to leave as she had work early in the morning. I was a bit gutted I didn’t want the night to end but I agreed and walked her to a taxi and as we talked I knew I couldn’t let her go without kissing her, I was smitten beyond belief.

As she turned so say goodbye I took her gently by the waste and pulled her body close to mine, we smiled at each other and gently kissed. That first kiss was mind blowing, gentle, exploring tongues flicking over each other, tasting that tongue for the very first time, so soft and sensual, the kind of kiss that could go on and on and you never want it to stop. I was sold; I wanted Miss Pink to be mine.


I watched her getting into the car and thought to myself that she was so beautiful, inside and out. Such a sweet, kind, intelligent and funny young lady, but there was something else, a little wild side, a glint in her eye that told me there was a lot more beyond what I had just seen.


As she drove off in her taxi I took the short walk home with a serious spring in my step. The first encounter of Mr Massive and Miss Pink and the journey was just beginning.


So over the next month Miss Pink and myself started to hang out quite a lot. We became good buddies very quickly, going out drinking, dicking about, laughing, talking endlessly and getting to know each other, getting really close and intimate. But sex never happened, Miss Pink is a lady of morals, for the time being, we would come so close to having sex but Miss Pink would stop just at the point of us about to fuck, she wanted to make me wait.

It was one night over at my place Miss Pink told me that I should never give her vodka as it sends her a bit wild.


“Wild? In what way”

“Just don’t give me vodka!”


That was just a red rag to a bull. I told Miss Pink I was going to pop to the shop and went straight to the nearest off license and bought the biggest bottle of vodka I could find. I was going to find out what she meant and came home brandishing my trophy of vodka. Miss Pink called me a dick and laughed at me as we started to drink.


About an hour later after lots of drinking and fooling around on the bed we started kissing. Slowly undressing as we explored each other’s bodies. We were both completely naked and I thought this is it; we’re going to have sex. Miss Pink looked me in the eyes as we kissed, arms wrapped around each other, her gorgeous large breasts pressed against my chest, her nipples erect and so hard, our legs tangled in each others, my cock so hard between her legs, dripping pre cum as it rubbed between her pussy lips, so wet, my hard cock sliding easily over her pussy.

The feeling was incredible; we were both breathing heavily, the horny sensation rushing through both of our bodies. I just wanted to slide my cock inside her and feel her pussy gripping onto my cock as I thrust it in slowly for the very first time. I was about to take the initiative and take her there and then when out of nowhere Miss Pink bit my lower lip hard. Pain shot through my lip, it was excruciating as I tried to scream let go through my fully disabled mouth. She wouldn’t let go and was laughing wildly seemingly enjoy the sheer pain I was in and the dominant position she had got herself in. She just wouldn’t let go and my body was trying to pull away. The more I tired to get free the harder she bit down on my lip. I realised I had no escape and had to relax and go with the pain hoping she would at some point get bored and release me.

Jesus it took a while until I felt her grip loosen and I managed to jump free holding my lower lip in pain, feeling it pulsate and swell.


“Bubs that fucking hurt” I moaned


Miss Pink just looked at me laughing and lashed out with her sharp nails leaving a deep long scratch on the side of my neck. I put my hand to my neck and felt a small amount of blood a bit in shock. Miss Pink clearly looked like she was taking pleasure in this pain she was dishing out and again she struck me in the chest leaving a long scratch from the top of my chest all the way down to the belly button. The pain was sharp but I quite liked it and I could tell she was very proud of the marks she was leaving on my body. She was owning me.


Side note: Fight sex was born


Miss Pink was lashing out at me as I tried to grab her arms to stop her. She was wild, kicking out at me, striking me with her nails, easily escaping all my attempts to grab her arms and pin her down. I was going to fuck this cheeky little toe rag and take some control back of the situation.


I had to take control of Miss Pink. She was fighting me so hard even though she is so tiny compared to my big 6’4” frame.

I grabbed her by the ankles and flipped her over onto her front. Her naked body in front of me, I leant forward and tried to take hold of both of her wrists. She was struggling hard but I managed with both hands to pull them together and held her arms tight behind her back restricting her movements. With my other hand I slid an arm under her stomach and easily lifted her up to raise her firm little bottom to me. I was knelt behind her, my hard cock brushing against her pert little bum. I could so have just held her like this and slide my cock into her but I wanted to take some control back and give her some pain.

I held her in this position, her face buried in the pillow. Miss Pink was trying to wriggle free but I had her firmly where I wanted her, she knew this and I wasn’t going to risk letting her go.

I was enjoying this moment. Having taken control of my little fighter. Watching her back arched, her bottom presented to me. Her arse cheeks spread just enough so I could see her neat little pussy lips. I wanted to lick them so badly, part them with my tongue, taste her sweet little pussy but I knew I couldn’t let her go just yet as she would just start fighting.

I needed to dominate her, show her I was now in charge, that if she started kicking off again she would feel the pain she had caused me back.

I raised my free arm and slapped her arse nice and hard, just on that sweet spot from being to rough. She let out a little yelp of pain and her entire body jumped at the sensation, not expecting the pain as I raised my hand again cracking firmly on her other arse cheek. She cried out louder this time I smiled at the red marks I left on both cheeks. I’d hit her hard enough to leave a good handprint on each cheek. It was my turn to leave a mark on her body.

I ran my hand over her pert little arse, feeling the heat. My big hands easily cupping each cheek in turn. Sliding my hand softly from the small of her back, gently down over her cheek, my finger tips sliding between her crack, over her tight little arse hole and slowly over her pussy lips, barely touching them, caressing them softly. Her body arched and she let out a little moan as my fingers brushed over each lip sending tingles rushing throughout her body.

Kneeling behind miss pink I looked down at her, eyes closed, head turned toward me buried in the pillow. I was caressing her arse, letting her know I was there and in control, giving her a minute to take the pain, knowing I was going to spank her arse hard again but not knowing exactly when. I was relishing every second of this control, waiting for her to relax then spanking her again hard, harder this time, making her gasp, her body jumping up with the pain.

I took this moment while the pain subsided to reach over for my jeans on the bed and pull my brown leather belt free. I needed to keep her restrained. I looped the belt and inserted her wrists into the loop quickly pulling it tight, the brown leather creaking as it fastened her hands tight behind her back as I wrapped the spare belt around her slender wrists, pulling it tight.

I had her now, gripping the belt in my hand, she was mine and I had her exactly where I wanted her. The spanking continued and after each hard slap I sat and watched her writher in pain and pleasure as I slid my hands over her stinging arse.


I wanted her pussy. In the pause between me punishing her bottom I slid my hands gently between her arse cheeks, parting her pussy with the tips of my fingers. Even though she was moaning in pain she loved me dominating her. Miss Pink’s pussy was getting wetter with each brutal spank and I took pleasure in this, spreading her pussy lips open so I could look into her tight hole. My fingers circling her tight pussy, pushing my middle finger in, just the tip, feeling how warm she was inside. Miss Pink was writhing around on my fingers probing her pussy, willing me to push more of my fingers inside, arching her back as much as she could, pushing her arse upwards almost pleading me to slide my fingers deep into her. But that wasn’t her decision. I wanted to slide my fingers all along her pussy, slowly from her arse hole, over her lips, rubbing her juices all over them and finding her clit, teasing it with the tip of my finger. Miss Pink was moaning with pleasure as I took my time exploiting her pussy. My cock was so hard, resting on her bottom, I took my length in my hand and slapped her on the arse with it, stroking her red little cheeks, she couldn’t see my cock but she could certainly feel how hard and long I was. Without saying anything I was telling her that her pussy was mine and I was going to fuck her with it. But when I was good and ready.


My fingers were circling around her pussy hole, then I stopped for a moment before sliding my middle finger slowly in, open her up, pushing it in deeper and deeper. Miss Pink felt so tight, how she was going to take my cock I had no idea as my finger squeezed all the way in. She was impaled on my finger, knuckle deep as the tip of my finger explored her pussy, circling around inside, she was so wet, moaning into the pillow as I found her rough little g spot and massaged it. She was bucking back on to my finger clearly enjoying the finger fucking she was getting and I had the best view.


I was still holding her tight by the belt but I wanted sex now. I wanted to fuck Miss Pink and I decided I was ready. I gently and slowly pulled my finger from the depths of her pussy, she didn’t want to let it go, gripping it tightly with everything she had as it slowly slipped out. My finger was so wet, I gently rubbed her swollen clit with her own juices and positioned myself right behind her as I pulled on the belt making her sit up on to her knees, face still buried in the pillow supporting her weight.

Without a word I roughly parted her legs so I could get between them. She looked so sexy, restrained and mine for the taking.


I took my cock by the base, it felt so hard, harder than anyone had every made me, twitching in my hand, pre cum leaking from the head, the bell end so swollen and purple. I ran the head of my cock between her lips, starting at her clit and moving slowly up to her tight hole, taking my time, teasing Miss Pink. This was going to be the first time I felt my cock spreading her tight hole and I didn’t want to rush it. I used the belt to control her, pulling it tight, her hands bound behind her back, her pussy hole moving closer and closer to being penetrated. My pre cum mixing with the juices running freely form her pussy. We both wanted it so badly as I positioned the head of my cock against her hole and we both took a breath as I pulled her onto my cock and with my hips applied a little pressure so the very tip of my cock opened her up for me. Watching the head of my cock slowly force its way inside. I felt Miss Pink’s pussy resist, it felt like my cock was too big to fit inside her, I could feel every inch of her pussy gripped tightly wrapping around the tip of my cock as I applied my force and kept pushing it in. Miss Pink was moaning with pleasure as it kept going in with one long slowly push, her pussy gave in and literally sucked my cock all the way in with one slow wet motion hitting the back of her pussy. I moaned with pleasure at finally being inside her, she felt so beautiful, she looked to hot, Miss Pink was begging me to be gentle.


“It’s to big, wait, be gentle”


Side note: It was Miss Pink that named my cock Massive


She was mine now. I was inside her. I let her get a hold of herself, get used to the length of cock she now had before I slowly started to pull my cock out of her pussy, watching every inch of the thick shaft emerge, covered in her juices from her tight pussy hole. Taking pleasure from watching her wet lips spread wide around my shaft as it emerged form her pussy just until less than half the head was still inside her. Then I waited again, letting her catch her breath before slowly plunging Massive all the way back inside her. I wanted to be gentle; she looked so small and vulnerable at the mercy and pleasure of my cock but all the same I just wanted to fuck her. She had caused me great pain and now it was my turn to be in control. I grabbed her arse cheek with my free hand and started to fuck her a bit faster, feeling her pussy getting used to the size of my cock. We were both moaning quite loudly as we started to really fuck. I wanted to release her so unbuckled the belt and she immediately supported herself and got up into the doggy style position. Sweat was dripping from my body onto her back as I had both hands free I gently took her by the waste and we started to fuck each other. Miss Pink loved my cock and I was loving her pussy as she threw her head back.

I stopped fucking her for a bit, encouraging her to buck back onto my cock and fuck me. She did this so slowly, enjoying being freed from her restraints. I knelt back onto my heels and let her take control, watching her fuck me, using every inch of my cock with each stroke. She wanted to fuck me slowly, so slowly, feel every veiny inch, spreading her deeply. This was making me so turned on I could feel my cock grow inside her, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer as she was milking the cum out of my balls. I leant around and rubbed her clit as she started to fuck me faster and harder, the sound of our wet flesh slapping against each other, her cum dripping down her thighs and onto mine. It was more than I could take. Miss Pink started moaning so loudly, she was cumming on m cock and I could feel it, her pussy was pulsating around my cock, I could feel it clenching and twitching as her orgasm rushed through her. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back taking her by the neck with my other hand and took control back and started to fuck Miss Pink hard as she came over and over on my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my cock was about to cum and she knew it, she could tell form my rampant thrusts, getting harder, mpore desperate as the cum rushed up my cock and unloaded into her. My cock exploded deep inside Miss Pink and she screamed out she could feel it cumming deep inside her, she kept bucking back onto me as if she wasnted to feel every last drop deep in the back of her pussy. She milked every last drop out of me as I screamed as my orgasm continued to rush through my body. I collapsed ontop of her, cupping her breasts in my hands and turning her head to kiss her.


We both cloopased onto the bed lying in each others arms as the waves of orgasmic pleasure surged through our bodies


A True Erotic Confession

by Mr Massive



United Kingdom

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