“The Hotel” by Mr. Massive

The Hotel

An Erotic Short Story

I was in the bath in my hotel room waiting for my girl to turn up so I thought I
would send her a naughty text…

“Hey lovely,
Just slipped into a really hot soapy bath, feels amazing and just looked down
at your wings on my wrist and you flooded into my mind, my cock just twitched
and grew a little at the thought of you, that gorgeous sweet little face, that
beautiful sexy body, I put my hand into the water and gently caressed my
balls, pulling on them slightly making my cock a little harder so it’s poking out
of the water. Gently pulling and caressing my balls, slowly pulling the foreskin
back a tiny bit at a time as my cock grows harder and harder until the bell end
is completely revealed, shiny with a tiny bit of pre cum leaking out of my cocks
eye, rubbing it softly all over the big swollen bell end and imagining it’s your
tongue gently licking my hard cock, making it wet, so softly, teasing it so it
twitches and continues to get more and more stiff like it was this morning. I
want you. Gripping the shaft of my cock and pulling on it gently wishing it was
your hand….”
She somehow snuck into the hotel room and walked into the bathroom and I
look up at her wearing this tight stripy all in one, her breasts looked so pert, I
looked her up and down.

“Corkers what are you doing? Did I say you can pull on Massive without me?”
I immediately stopped what I was doing and put my hand back into the water,
my cock still large and poking out of the water. I could feel her staring at it as
she stood by the edge of the bath.
I was looking up at her, taking in how sexy she looked, running my eyes up
her legs, over her pussy, up her stomach, holding my gaze on her large boobs
that were busting out of that top.
“Corkers did I tell you to stop? NO! Keep wanking for me until I tell you I’ve
had enough”

I looked up at the seriousness in her eyes and reached into the water and
grabbed my still hard cock, sweat was dripping off my brow. I was getting
more excited and harder as I looked up at her watching me pulling slowly on
Massive. Each upward stroke pulls the fore skin up; each downward pull
reveals t more of the wet hard swollen bell end.
“Not too fast Corkers, I don’t want you to cum until I tell you”
I can see the lust building in her eyes, she couldn’t take them off me stroking
mu cock slowly from the base all the way to the tip, squeezing more and more
pre cum out as I gripped harder on the upward pull.

I watched her slowly unbutton the bottom of her bodice, I couldn’t take my
eyes off her as each button popped open. She was watching me, transfixed
as she slowly revealed her shaven pussy to me, knowing that I have wanted
it, to taste it, to fuck it, so desperately but she had kept me waiting, reveling in
my frustration for days now.

She stared straight into my eyes and said;
“Now use the other hand Corkers as I want you to pleasure me”
She stepped a bit closer to the bath and I take my cock with my left hand and
continue to wank as I slide my wet hot hand slowly up her thighs, water
dripping down them, she could feel the heat from my hands as she parted her
legs a bit more as my hands slowly start to caress her pussy lips, stroking
them, gently easing them apart, running my fingers in between them mixing
my wet fingers with her already wet pussy.
“Wank your cock hard Corkers, it’s not my bathroom so I don’t give a fuck if
you make a mess, I want to see water splashing all over the place as you
wank that huge bit of meat you have for me”

I do as she says, stroking the entire length on my cock, hard and fast, water
splashing against the wall. I arch my back more so she can see more of my
cock; wanting to show her how big I am, offering Massive to her. She grabbed
the hand that was teasing her pussy, running my fingers all over her lips,
spreading her sticky wet juices all over her lips and clit. I couldn’t take my
eyes off her tight cute little pussy, her cum dripping all down my wrist…she
pulled my hand even closer forcing two fingers inside her tight hole, all the
way until the are so deep as they could go.

She is watching me wank my cock as my fingers explore every inch of her hot
wet pussy. Rubbing and tapping my fingers on her G spot, sliding in and out,
she was getting wetter and wetter each time I slide my fingers inside and
explored her hot tight pussy. She start to moan, grinding onto my fingers, my
thumb connecting with her clit that felt so hard, she was loving it and was
really fucking my hand.
“I want that cock now Corkers. I want MY cock deep inside my pussy and for
you to fuck me nice and hard”

She pushed my hand away from her pussy and climbed into the bath still with
the stripy all in one on. She pushed my hand away from my cock and
positioned her pussy over my hard, thick, wet bell end, leaning forward to kiss
me, her breasts lowering onto my chest, getting wet, I could see them as her
top became see through and her tongue slides into my mouth finding my
tongue as she slowly eased her tight pussy down on to my cock. I pull the hair
away from her neck, gripping it with both hands and using that grip to force
her deeper and deeper onto my cock, we could both feel her tight pussy being
forced open, slowly, taking in every sensation, I pull her mouth again onto
mine and we lock lips and tongue fuck each other as I keep feeding and
feeding my cock into her until she had taken every inch. She gasped and bite
my bottom lip hard as my hands ran all over her body, scooping hot water
over her bum, her back, water dripping down her neck as I took her by the
hips, her hands are resting on my neck and chest and we slowly start to fuck,
water now spilling over the side of the bath as we fuck slowly, keeping my
cock deep inside her.
“I’ve wanted your pussy for so long”
My cock swelling harder as it tries to force deeper inside her.
“Well now you have it fuck me hard”
I have her gripped firmly by the waist holding her in place and start to raise my
hips and fuck her hard, harder and faster, she grabbed the side of the bath as
I started to pound her pussy releasing all the frustration and teasing of not
being able to fuck her for days.

Our wet hot flesh slapping together as our bodies meet with each fuck, water
is going all over the walls, the floors she sat back and grinds onto my cock as
I fuck up into her, grabbing at her boobs through your top, pulling on her hard
erect nipples, twisting and teasing them both. She can feel my cock growing
and the sensation of me being about to cum.
“Don’t you dare cum yet Corkers. Get out the bath and fuck me hard on the

She climbed off my cock, slowly pulling Massive out of her, I couldn’t take my
eyes off of her pussy, watching massive emerge from her beautiful tight wet
pussy until finally I could see the bell end come out.
She lifted herself out of the bath and got on all fours on the rug beside the

“Get out and fuck me hard. VERY HARD! I want to love it so much it hurts”
She looked so sexy, on all fours, wet hair stuck to her back, dripping wet and
her fully wet now see through bodice revealing her gorgeously shapely body.
I literally jumped out of the bath and knelt behind her.
She looked round at me and simply said;
“Fuck me. I want your cock”
I lifted the flap at the bottom of her bodice over her bum, she could feel my
hard wet cock brushing between her legs, and we both get wetter as it
twitches, brushing between her pussy lips.

“I want it now Corkers”
I took my hard cock in my hand and dragged him over your bum so she could
feel how thick, hard and heavy it was, still hot from the bath, slapping him on
those firm cheeks of hers, teasing her, sliding him down her bum crack, over
her arse hole, onto her pussy hole and just as I get there she pushed her butt
back onto me to stop me depriving her of what she wanted and the tip of my
cock penetrates her pussy…we hold it there, I was running my fingers all over
her bum, over her back, barely touching her, her body is twitching and arching
desperate for me to slide my cock inside of her. I leant forward and cupped
her breasts, teasing her nipples, running my hands up her arms, over her
neck and then grabbing fistfuls of her hair as I pulled her back onto my cock in
one hard fast thrust. She let out a little scream as I moaned as the tip of my
cock found the back wall of her pussy. I slowly pulled my cock all the way out,
admiring her pussy, her lips spread, her hole still tight but gaping open where
it had just been spread by my cock, so pink, so wet, I watched momentarily as
I saw it pulsating and she was rocking back and forward wanting me back
inside her. I positioned my cock just in front of her pussy hole and pulled her
hair back hard, her head arching back as I slowly forced Massive back into
her feeling her pussy resist and then relax as she took in every last inch.
“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!”

I grabbed her by the hips and started to pound my cock in and out of that
slippery tight hole, really hard, long deep and hard making her gasp each time
Massive slaps into the back of her pussy. We took turns. I stopped and she
would slowly buck back onto my cock, taking each stroke so slowly,
appreciating every inch of my cock using the full length all the way so the tip
so it almost comes out and then pushing back taking all of Massive in
controlling the fuck just how she likes it.

My knees were trembling and I could feel my orgasm building so I took over,
leant over her to hold her breasts and again started to pound her really hard,
loving hearing her gasp, almost screaming, head rocking back as she takes
the full force and length of my cock. We carry on fucking on the floor, taking
turns prolonging the orgasm until…
“Babe I’m about to cum”
“I said you will cum when I tell you to”
And as quick as I was inside her she slid me out of her pussy and jumped up.
She looked so hot, cheeks all red, bodice still wet and stuck to her body, pre
cum dripping down her thighs. I stand up in front of her, Massive hard as it’s
ever been standing up straight and covered in both our juices, twitching,
wanting sex, wanting to fuck her again and fill her with all his cum…
“Go and stand on the balcony and cool off Corkers while I get changed”
I went to pick up a dressing gown.
“Did I tell you to put that on? Naked. On the balcony. Face out and wait for
me. Go!!!!”

I turned from her and headed out the bathroom, across the hotel bedroom
staring at the bed as I passed, wanting to lie her down and enter her, fuck her,
make her cum. I pulled the balcony doors open and looked back but could
only hear her changing in the bathroom. I stood on the balcony holding the
rails, it was dark, and no one could see me… probably. My cock was still
hard, pre cum dripping out of him down my leg. I could hear her come into the
bedroom and was about to turn my head…
“Don’t look round. Stand there until I tell you too”
It felt like an eternity. Wanting her. Wondering what she is doing. The warm
air was caressing and drying my naked skin.
“Corkers, don’t turn around, I want you to come in and fuck me but you won’t
cum until I allow you. Now turn around”
She was laying on the bed, black stockings, garter belt, bra, and heels. She
looked so hot, so sultry, and so seductive. I just stood and looked at her,
gawping almost, my cock that was swinging between my thighs quickly getting
stiff so hard, pre cum leaking from my cock dripping to the floor. I slowly walk
towards the bed, her legs spread as I approach, her back arches, her hair
spread over the pillow.
“I want you Corkers, I want your cock inside me, I want you to hold me down
and fuck me, and I want to feel your cock full with cum”

I lowered myself on top of her taking each of her hands in mine and holding
them either side of her head on the pillow. Massive is now fully erect brushing
tantalizingly over her pussy, pre cum dripping all over her. She wrapped her
legs around me as I lowered myself down further on top of her body entering
her as she pulled me in deeper as she gripped harder with your legs, wrapped
round my bum. We kiss, slowly, tongues exploring as my cock slowly sinks
inside her. I could feel every inch of her pussy as my cock forces his way in,
the ribs of her pussy caressed my cock as he went in deeper and deeper.
We released hands as we kissed, brushing the hair her face, gently kissing
her neck as we slowly fucked, her hands gripping my back, I could feel her
nails dig in to my flesh as my butt raises up and down as we fuck, my body
weighing her down, each time I thrust in grinding onto her clit she let out a
little moan. As she arched her back I put my hand behind her back and
released the clip of her bra releasing her heaving breasts and immediately
started to suck and lick each nipple all the while we’re fucking at a slow hard
pace, sucking her nipples into my mouth, biting them gently as she ran her
fingers through my hair.

The fucking got more frantic, her pussy gripping tighter each time I pulled out,
not wanting to release HER cock, she wanted it, all of it, deep inside of he as
her orgasm started to erupt through her body. She bit into my neck and
wouldn’t let go as we fucked harder and faster, her legs firmly wrapped
around me as she told me she is about to cum and I am so nearly there. Her
pussy pulsates, her body arching as she cums, feeling like my cock is pushing
further and further as her back arches. Her nails dig in deeper as she has a
long deep orgasm.

“You’re not cumming yet Corkers” she screams as she just keep cumming,
her hands now gripping my bum forcing me to keep fucking her deeper and
now more slowly as her orgasm subsides, body trembling
“Babes please let me cum, please!!”
“Get back out in the balcony now Corkers”
I lifted my body up off of her, slowly easing out my cock, we were both
dripping in sweat and her cum and my pre cum.

I got up and walk out. Standing on the balcony again. Waiting. Wondering.
She slowly walks out onto the balcony and drops to her knees. Looking up at

“Now you can cum”
She took my cock with both hands and seductively ran her tongue over the tip,
tasting our sex, tasting how we fucked, making my whole body shudder as
she took the tip into her mouth and wanking my shaft with both hands. I was
looking down at her, so beautiful, she can feel the cum rising up my cock and
she looks up into my eyes;
“Cum for me now Corkers”

She pulls on my throbbing cock hard and slow, cupping my balls, massaging
them as my legs tremble, she looked up at me expectantly, my eyes hooked
on hers as my cum rose, my cock got fatter in her hands and she started to
milk me cum shooting from my cock all over her breasts, it kept coming and
coming, days worth of cum as I watch it drip over her breasts and nipples,
down her cleavage, still spurting from my cock. She smiled as I moaned
louder and louder as my orgasm erupted through my body, my legs trembling.
“Mmmmmm good boy”

She released my cock and wiped her hands over her breasts gathering my
cum to show me. She stand up and wiped my cum all over my chest, I pull ed
her close and kissed her, her breasts sticky pressed against my chest, my
cock dripping pressed up against her stomach. Our tongues were rampant in
each other’s mouths over what just happen. She look me in the eye and
“Now come inside and lick my pussy”

The Hotel

An Erotic Short Story

by Mr Massive



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