“Vulpine” By Stefano Bosso




I’ve been a musician since i was 18. I traveled (and still do) across the entire world since that young age. I met so many people i barely remember faces. I never love cameras until a certain day, on a European tour, playing Alicante, Spain, Hardcore straight edge music, where the guys at the venue offered us cocaine on a Pope picture. I didn’t get it, i just took a walk outside, where the summer sun was shiny and hot and my father’s reflex, with film, was ready to take some automatic pics. Alas, i took the worst pictures ever, while since those moments i decided i should have started learning the basics of photography. No idea why that combination of loud music, bright sun and hot weather gave me such a silly idea. Today i enjoy travelling, shooting whatever i feel like to shoot, any style i can do.

Diane Vulpine, Valeria, is an easygoing model, a committed artist, and an amazing performer.  Working with her helped me to get some pictures i though about for months, as a little personal challenge: basically using someone else’s (a really nasty photographer i didn’t like a as a human being, ahah) style to make it mine and even improve it. Go Vegan.



Diane Vulpine is a young alt model based in Italy and a scream/growl singer in a metal/hardcore band called Nowhere to Hide. She started modeling in June 2012; Glamour is her favourite genre, she also enjoys fetishy shoots, leather, high heels and lingerie. At the moment she’s studying translation and interpreting at the university, hoping to travel the world someday and work in publishing houses, for example. She’s also studying at a makeup artist school.

She loves art in all its forms, tattoos, foxes, food, in her spare time she loves writing ambient/chill/postrock-ish music.










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