“Wonder Woman” Featuring Anna Claire

Photography by Matthew K.

Working with Anna had always been intriguing for me; I had always loved her work and she seemed like she was the type to put everything into it. We started messaging back and forth trying to decide what theme we were going to shoot and how many different sets there were going to be; we finally decided to just play it by ear. Now this prospect has always been a bit troublesome for me as I don’t always work with the most seasoned of models and shooting the “deer in the headlights” look can make for a less than desirable shoot. Anna and her boyfriend arrived at my place and I felt immediately comfortable with them. We shot a couple of different sets and she killed every one of them… every shot was perfection! Her body moved with a cat like agility and her expressions were always on point. After three different looks, all of which were incredible, I wasn’t ready to stop. As we looked around the studio brainstorming as to what else we could do, Anna looked at my rack of clothing and the duffle that she brought and said she wanted to use it all! She proceeded to throw clothes all over the studio while I set up the lights. I knew at the first click of the shutter that we struck gold! She swam and arched and stretched and contorted and tugged and rubbed and emoted. The range of emotions that she expressed was mesmerizing. I became robot like as she swam atop the sea of clothing striking pose after pose as my finger depressed the shutter. When it was over the only thing I could think to say is “When can we do this again?”




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MODEL: Anna Claire

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