“Your body is Wonderland” by Guilherme Fernandez

Featuring Tamara Tasche

After a long summer shooting the Brazilian babes VanCity was my new home. Cold weather, raining days and gray skies, pretty hard for Brazilian photographer I guess, but I was pretty exited do discover all the magic the Canadian women could provide for me.
So I met this girl Tamara, skin like porcelain, blue eyes that I could navigate all afternoon without end and she didn’t disappoint me, showed me all the paths and detours that I could find in her amazing body. A hotel room spiked in the heart of Vancity, witness  our adventure. Poor me, trying to freeze with my camera all that mood, all that sensual tension, now I see, I never would.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Guilherme Fernandez

Instagram: @gui.fernandezz

MODEL: Tamara Tasche

Instagram: @tmrtsch


Vancouver BC, Canada

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